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Each marketed product shall comply with the certified parameters at least for the period of its identified service-life. If defects occur, their elimination shall be enabled even after the warranty period. However, the restoration of defects does not mean destruction or liquidation of the whole product. The same also applies to the external contact thermal insulation systems ETICS.


The company ECORAW® offers restoration and repairs of defects of thermal insulating systems on the basis of results of own measurement and diagnostics of specific buildings. This process of detection of failures of the thermal insulating system is called Diagsys and it was developed in co-operation with professional institutions, testing institutes and universities.

The actual technology of repairs and restoration of thermal insulating systems is called Sanasys and consists in the implantation of the anchoring equipment Spiral Anksys into the insulating layers for the purpose of restoration of cohesion and grip. Detection of the conditions under the insulating layer and timely restoration of defects with the utilization of the technology of the company ECORAW® shall enable preserving the function of the thermal insulation system, which was realized with defects, without any risk of damage to property and health. By the additional anchorage of the system with damaged cohesion of individual layers, it is possible to prolong its function to the originally established minimum period of 25 years.

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